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Between The Lines
Between The Lines
Custom patterned papers, existing archtecture, campfire, wet dirt, and sea breeze scratch & sniff, double tack.
10 x 7 ft. site-specific installation

Site-Specific Installation at ArtPort, Kingston (Cornell Steamboat Building).

"Between the Lines' exists somewhere between the past and the present, fusing together the history of the Thomas Cornell Steamboat Building with our present-day experiences. Using smell to evoke personal memories, viewers are playfully invited to scratch & sniff the walls and the architecture. The scents of burning wood, wet dirt, and fresh floral air, reference the original use of the building as a "boiler shop." From the 1880s - 1930s Cornell had a monopoly on towing goods up and down the Hudson River, and boilers for his fleet were built and repaired at this site. Remnants of brightly patterned papers are torn, wrapped around existing architecture, and cut away, suggestive of memory itself.