Traci Talasco
I need help raising additional funds for a solo project, Rub Me the Wrong Way, at the Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery, opening in Sept. 2014. Please take a look at the campaign and donate if you can:

My work stems from unrealistic, societal expectations placed upon women to "do it all". It addresses many different roles that women take on, finding humor in the absurd nature of the juggling act. I use home, a stereotypical female domain, almost like a stage. Sections of walls, floors, and interior spaces come together to make simple, every day acts unnecessarily complicated or ridiculous. The works are participatory and playful, inviting the viewer to physically engage with them on different levels. Sometimes they pose a physical challenge, such as balancing a floor, or climbing waves of carpeting, and other times they change the viewer’s perspective by inviting them to lie down or by obstructing their view.

I use home construction materials and decorative elements, such as plywood, carpeting, and wallpaper. As part of my working process, I use writing as a springboard for my ideas, or I play with a material I am attracted to and work with its inherent associations.